Why It's Important to Treat Cavities Quickly

Did you just learn you have a cavity? Even the most conscious people can develop cavities, but it’s important that you don’t delay your treatment. Tooth decay can lead to serious dental health issues, but the good news is that it can be easily treated. Our Austell dentists share why it’s critical to treat cavities and tooth decay quickly.

Tooth Decay: The Secret Danger

Tooth decay can sneak up on you easily, since the damage often starts long before a patient even notices. The process of decay is ongoing, since everything you eat and drink can contribute to the sticky, bacteria-filled plaque that forms on your teeth. If not cleaned properly, your teeth will be eroded by this plaque. The decay can work its way through every layer of your tooth, causing infection and eventual loss. Treating the signs of decay early, filling cavities, and scheduling regular cleanings are all an important part of keeping your mouth healthy and preventing tooth decay.

When Do Most Patients Notice Tooth Decay?

Many patients don’t notice tooth decay before it begins to cause discomfort. Unfortunately, by that point the decay has become a serious problem. When patients experience tooth sensitivity, it often means that the decay has exposed the dentin of the tooth, a layer of the tooth containing nerve endings. The first sign of tooth decay may be pressure or discomfort when biting down and notice that food becomes trapped easily between your teeth.

Because dentin is a softer material than tooth enamel, decay can spread more quickly. If you notice discomfort when eating or drinking, schedule an appointment today with our Austell dental team for an examination.

The best way to prevent tooth decay from causing painful problems is to schedule regular cleanings and check-ups. At Austell Dental Associates, our team can help you stay on top of your oral health and treat potential issues before they cause you pain. From cleanings and examinations to fillings and crowns, our dentists in Austell handle it all.

Schedule your appointment with Austell Dental Associates today! Contact our team to begin.


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